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Contact person: 上海出版印刷高等专科学校
Service category: Education


Established at 30, today’s Pudong is full of passion and youth; facing the future, Pudong, which is bravely standing at the forefront, will surely fulfill its mission, regain its ambitions, and recreate a great cause. Shanghai will surely create a new miracle that will admire the world and show its construction. The new atmosphere of a modern socialist country!

"The more we face challenges, the more we must follow the logic of historical advancement, conform to the development trend of the times, echo the expectations of the people, and achieve higher-quality development under more open conditions." November 12, the 30th anniversary of the development and opening of Pudong The celebration meeting was held and General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech. The majority of party members and cadres in the education and health system of this city have carefully studied the spirit of the important speech of the general secretary, and are very excited and inspired.

Witnessed by Pujiang and witnessed by the people-In the past 30 years, from the allocation of high-quality public resources in education and health, to the construction of mega-city infrastructure, to the advancement of large-scale scientific research in the field of life and health, Pudong has created countless "Pudong heights" and "Pudong speeds". "Pudong Miracle", national strategy, economic development, and people's feelings have achieved the most vivid intersection in this hot land.

People’s cities are built by the people, and people’s cities are the people. "Reform and development must insist on putting the people at the center, taking the people's yearning for a better life as our goal, and relying on the people to create historic achievements!" Taking the important speech of the general secretary as the fundamental follow and direction, everyone said that they will continue to improve. Effective practical actions to fulfill the original mission, seize opportunities, dare to take responsibility, scientifically formulate the "14th Five-Year Plan", and continuously improve the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security.

To seize the commanding heights of the subject, and to better utilize the function of the source of scientific and technological innovation

"Our country's economic and social development needs more scientific and technological solutions than ever before, and it is even more necessary to enhance the first driving force of innovation." In his speech, the general secretary put forward earnest expectations of Pudong, "Pudong must make great innovations in the field of basic science and technology. Great breakthroughs have been made in key core technology areas, and better use of the source of scientific and technological innovation."

As a scientific and technological worker who is advancing the scientific plan of the human phenotype group, Jin Li, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a professor at Fudan University, and co-founder of the International Human Phenotype Group Research Collaboration Group, said bluntly: "I deeply feel the responsibility."

Jinli introduced that the Human Phenotype Group Science Project is another strategic commanding height in life sciences after the human genome. The newly established Shanghai International Human Phenotype Group Research Institute is located in Pudong, and is currently exploring new mechanisms and models to further link the innovation chain and industrial chain. "With the strong support of the state and Shanghai, and relying on the world-class science and innovation ecology of Zhangjiang Science City, Fudan University has united with the superior forces of all walks of life in our country, adhered to the'two-wheel drive' of scientific and technological research and mechanism reform, and built a strategic platform, The basic pattern of the “four-in-one” international science plan of new-type institutions, collaborative networks, and scientific research.” Jin Li said that facing the future, scientific research workers in universities will earnestly implement the spirit of the general secretary’s speech, strengthen the belief in scientific research and serve the country, and commit to breakthroughs The original innovation bottleneck in the field of life and health, and speeding up the construction of a world scientific and technological power, make a worthy contribution of the times.

"'Strengthening the engine of innovation and creating a new highland of independent innovation' is the direction of Pudong's future development and will also become the goal of our career development." Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhangjiang Science Park of Jiaotong University, and Li Zhengdao Institute of Construction Conductor Wu Dan said that the Li Zhengdao Institute, which has been preparing for construction since 2016, is a brand new exploration of benchmarking international first-class institutes and has received strong support from the central government and Shanghai. "In Pudong, the hot land of reform, various unprecedented explorations and innovations have been implemented, and they continue to give people new hope." Attracted by the "high concentration" of innovation here, currently, the Li Zhengdao Institute has gathered a group Outstanding scholars and outstanding young talents from world-class universities and research institutions.

People's City People's Construction, constantly "breaking" new horizons for the people

"We must focus on solving the most immediate and practical interests of the people, and continuously improve the level of balance and quality of public services." Listening to the important speech of the General Secretary at the scene, Li Weiping, Dean of Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, was very moved. Thirty years ago, he was a young obstetrician and gynecologist and witnessed a "movement" in Renji Hospital's century-old history.

In 1990 , Pudong had an imported population of 2 million, and there was an urgent need for the injection of high-quality medical resources. Renji Hospital began to "eastward" Pudong in 1994, and it was not until 1999 that it settled in Pudong, which completely ended the history that there was no general hospital in Pudong.

The best way to look back on history is to create a new history. Walking out of the venue, Li Weiping had more new thinking about the future development of the hospital. "In the forthcoming '14th Five-Year Plan', it is imperative for Renji Hospital to promote in-depth reforms. Recently, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government decided to merge Renji Nan Hospital into Renji Hospital, which has brought a new round of development for Renji to a lifetime. How to systematically integrate the medical resources of the three hospitals of Huangpu, Pudong and Minhang, and better serve patients through high-quality integrated development through “highly close integration, integrated homogeneous management, and moderately dislocated development”. This is what we face Li Weiping said that in the process of resource adjustment, there will be collisions between different ideas. It requires Renji Hospital to develop and innovate with a greater vision and wisdom, deepen reforms, respond to people’s livelihood concerns, and resolve harm to the people. The urgent and major proposition of health contributes to the maintenance of people's health and the realization of the "Healthy China" strategy.

The Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge, which were built in the early 1990s, are the two key control nodes of Shanghai’s inner ring road. They set up a link connecting Shanghai Pudong and Puxi, greatly facilitating people’s travel, and laying a foundation for the development and opening of Pudong. A solid foundation. Not only that, the successful construction of the two bridges has even opened up the glory and prosperity of my country's independent construction of bridges.

After graduating with a master's degree in 1989, Zhu Ledong, a professor in the Department of Bridge Engineering of Tongji University and director of the Research Office of Bridge and Structure Wind Resistance, devoted himself to the design and development of the Nanpu Bridge. "Since the 1970s, Tongji University has started the research on wind resistance of bridges, and by the end of the 1980s, it has already had strong strength." Zhu Ledong remembers that at first, Japanese experts proposed to design the Nanpu Bridge for free and provide loans on the condition that the project must Taken by the Japanese company. Xiang Haifan, a professor at Tongji University, wrote to the leaders of Shanghai at the time, urging that the Chinese bridge industry is fully capable of independently completing the design and construction of the bridge, and showing the most critical wind resistance research results and theoretical and technical reserves for the bridge construction. In the end, he successfully won the independent design and construction rights of the bridge and the independent scientific research rights, and since then opened the road of independent design and construction of Chinese bridges.

In Zhu Ledong's view, the level of bridge construction not only represents a country's image, but also a concentrated expression of a country's technological content and economic strength. "In recent years, China has become a veritable bridge power. In the future work, we must implement the spirit of the important speech of the general secretary more deeply, bravely take the heaviest burden, gnaw the hardest bones, and continue to become a bridge power. To move forward."

The general secretary pointed out that Renmin City is built by the people and Renmin City is the people. Cities are places where people live together. Urban construction must give top priority to making people liveable and to leave the best resources to the people. Shen Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Education and Health Work, said that the Shanghai education system will earnestly study the spirit of the general secretary’s important speech and earnestly implement it in the "14th Five-Year" education and health development plan, focus on providing high-quality education and health resources, and improve the education and health system In particular, the ability of colleges and universities to innovate and source to ensure that on the basis of the overall realization of educational modernization and becoming an Asian medical center city in 2020, accelerate the development of first-class education that matches the socialist modern international metropolis with world influence, and accelerate the establishment of a first-class health in Asia city.

The sounding of the horn is implemented as a must, and the successor of the times is in place

Long livelihood, health is the best. The global spread of the new crown epidemic in 2020 has made people see the extreme importance of the word "health" to economic and social development.

“The biomedical industry has become the key science and technology industry for Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.” Coming all the way from the “epidemic” of the war, and being close to the Zhangjiang Science City, all these have put forward a “new coordinate” for the development of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. . Cao Xikang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: “At present, the school is actively planning to build a multi-functional'Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation Research Institute' with the introduction of talents and the cooperation of production, education and research with the Pudong New Area Science and Technology and Economic Commission and Shanghai Zhangjiang Group. Build a collaborative innovation platform to serve the life and health industry and system upgrades of Zhangjiang Science City. We will work together to promote the integrated development of Zhangjiang's medical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and medical treatments, build a high ground for the development of Zhangjiang's life and health industry, and accelerate the promotion of a world-class Construction of Zhangjiang Science City."

In universities in Shanghai, the teachers and students also took the words of the general secretary in mind and took the words of the general secretary as their direction of forging ahead.

"At present, our team is working hard in the direction of emerging disciplines where finance and technology are integrated and developed, and will strive to make new breakthroughs in discipline construction, talent training, and academic research, and create new history in the fertile financial soil of Pudong." Shanghai Yin Linsen, deputy dean and deputy secretary of the School of Financial Technology of the Lixin School of Accounting and Finance, said that Pudong, which stands against the wind and continues to create new legends, will always be a "new district" and will set sail in the wind of the times.

"Pudong has not only developed rapidly in the past 30 years, but has undergone tremendous changes. Today, she is still at the forefront of reform, opening up, and innovative development." Zhao Xuyang, a 2019-level PhD student in the School of Microelectronics, Fudan University, is a native of Pudong. He is currently on the Zhangjiang campus of Fudan University, working with the best teachers and students across the country to tackle key technologies. "Dedicating our youth to our motherland, in this hot land of Pudong, we will continue to forge ahead and write more exciting chapters."

Inspiring the power of youth in the new era, writing a beautiful chapter in Pudong, the successor of the era is in place.

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Contact person: 上海出版印刷高等专科学校
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