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Contact person: 建筑工程与力学学院
Service category: Education


The School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and most distinctive colleges of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. School joys and sorrows and national development has always been the rise and fall, the fate of the country relevant in the era before the torrent of sonorous line, is music never stopped . Science Academy can be traced back in 1907, Jiaotong University to open China's first of its kind set up railway department, named after the six-year civil division. In response to the needs of the country’s economic construction and infrastructure, in 1943, Jiaotong University established the Department of Shipbuilding Engineering; in 1958, the Department of Engineering Mechanics was established; in 1985, the Department of Civil Engineering was restored; the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics was established in 1992; The Department of International Shipping (now the Department of Transportation Engineering), and the School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was established; in 2003, the College of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering merged with the College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics to form the College of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering.

After more than a hundred years of spring and autumn, the School of Shipbuilding and Construction has been diligent in farming , always adhering to the school motto of "Drinking water as the source, patriotic and prospering the school", actively exerting its academic advantages, and providing the country and society with the national and social training. Academician Huang Xuhua, chief designer of China’s first nuclear submarine, Zhu Yingfu, chief designer of China’s first aircraft carrier, and Xu Fengnan, chief designer of China’s first 7000-meter manned submersible (Jiaolong), China’s first coastal defense missile Academician Wang Liheng, Chief Designer of Solid Engines, Academician Sun Jun, Professional Escort, Tunnel and Underground Structure Engineering Expert of "Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge", Academician Mao Yisheng, Chinese Civil Engineer, Bridge Expert, and Engineering Educator, China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Expert, Engineering educator Zhang Guangdou, and a large number of outstanding talents, serve the revitalization of the nation.

The college has four disciplines-Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering, which carry the important tasks assigned by the school to build world-class disciplines and serve national strategies and regional development. It has 2 "Double First Class" disciplines of the Ministry of Education (Naval and Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering), 2 first-level national key disciplines (Naval and Ocean Engineering, Mechanics), and 2 Shanghai key disciplines (Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering) Engineering), and built post-doctoral mobile stations for mechanics, ship and ocean engineering, and civil engineering. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in 2019 Nian soft division in the world-class university disciplines ranked ranked 1 names, civil engineering discipline among the 2019 QS World University ranked No. 27 disciplines. In the critical period for the country to build a maritime power, the School of Shipbuilding and Engineering actively serves the school’s grand marine strategy, with ship and marine engineering as the core, civil engineering and engineering mechanics as the backbone, and transportation engineering as the support, relying on the college’s national, provincial and ministerial scientific research The base and cross-research platform meet the national strategic needs of the nation’s maritime power and the “Belt and Road” construction, and serve the construction of a world-class discipline group with Chinese characteristics.

College adhere to the forefront of world science and technology-oriented, keeping up with major national war maritime power, transportation power, "along the way" and so slightly, continue to enhance scientific and technological innovation, to carry out basic research, applied research and development engineering technology, strengthen creating new and innovative platform team Construction. The annual scientific research funding has increased year by year, and the funding in 2019 reached 266 million yuan. In the past ten years, the college’s scientific and technological achievements have won more than 100 awards at the provincial and ministerial level . The project "Independent R&D and industrialization of offshore large cutter suction dredging equipment" won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award; "Ultra-deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform R&D and application" project Won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Prize; "Homotopic Analysis Method and Application for Solving Strong Nonlinear Problems in Mechanics" won the National Natural Science Second Prize; "4000m Deep Sea Engineering Equipment Hydrodynamic Test Capacity Building and Application" won The second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; "3,500m deep sea observation and sampling ROV system" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; "Marine riser vortex induced vibration experimental technology development and application" won the special prize of Ocean Engineering Science and Technology Award; "Drilling riser vortex-induced vibration prediction and suppression of key technology innovation and application" won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress; "Research on the mechanism and risk control of rainfall-induced accumulation landslides" won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education...

The college has the State Key Laboratory of Marine Engineering, the National Deep-sea Technology Experiment Large-scale Scientific Instrument Center, the Key Laboratory of Marine Intelligent Equipment and Systems of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics of the Ministry of Education, and the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Operation and Maintenance of Public Buildings and Infrastructure Laboratory, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Engineering Mechanics, and other national, provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms that support multidisciplinary innovation and cross-discipline of ship and sea, mechanics, civil engineering, transportation, etc. , ship and sea engineering test center, ship manipulation and control laboratory , Underwater Engineering Laboratory, Underwater Acoustic Engineering Laboratory, Power Plant and Automation Laboratory, Ship and Ocean Engineering CAD/CAM Laboratory, Intelligent Transportation and UAV Application Research Center, Ship Digital Virtual Reality Laboratory, Ship and Ocean A number of world-class research facilities such as the Engineering Internal Wave Laboratory, the Advanced Ship Manufacturing Laboratory, and the Civil Engineering Experiment Center provide international-level guarantees for scientific research, teaching and educating people, and serve the cultivation of students' innovative ability, the incubation of scientific and technological achievements, and economic and social development.

College of the existing staff of 396 employees, including full-time teachers 216 names, are senior positions 65 , deputy senior positions 107 Ming . There are 234 teachers with doctoral degrees, of which 52 are overseas doctoral teachers, accounting for 24.07% of full-time teachers. Ke existing Chinese Academy of 2 (in which a double-employed academicians), Chinese Academy of Engineering 4 (which double-employed academicians 3), the Yangtze River scholar Professor and Professor of eight, two young Yangtze River, the National Natural Science 3 winners of the Outstanding Youth Fund of the Fund, 1 winner of the Outstanding Youth Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 “Top-notch Young Talent” from the Organization Department of the Central Committee, 4 Shanghai Leading Talents, and 3 Minhang Leading Talents. The college always prioritizes the construction of the teaching staff , devotes itself to the optimization of the structure of the teaching staff, builds a high-level teaching staff, and actively builds a talent ecology of "the near are happy to make the best of their talents, and the distant ones look forward to the wind".

The college meets the goal of "double first-class" construction, actively improves the level of international education, implements cooperation plans with overseas high-level universities, signs cooperation intentions with 38 top 100 universities and research institutions in the world, including the University of Michigan, and carries out joint training and degree courses Short-term exchange and other programs cover all disciplines of the college. Independently founded the all-English international academic journal "JOES" and entered ESCI, the international influence has been continuously improved, and the internationalization strategy has been constructed and promoted in-depth and multi-angle.

The college currently has 2134 students, including 725 full-time undergraduates, 821 masters, 476 doctoral students, and 112 international students. The college always puts the quality of talent training in the first place, pays attention to the cultivation of students' innovation and practical ability, and deeply promotes the "four in one" education concept with value leadership as the core. The college has 4 excellent national-level excellent courses and 7 excellent courses in Shanghai. Students have won more than 100 national, provincial and ministerial awards in science and technology competitions and social practice activities such as the National Challenge Cup, the National University Student Structural Design Competition, and more than 80% of undergraduates participate in the innovative practice programs of college students. At the same time, in recent years, more than 70% of the college’s fresh graduates have entered national key units and industries for employment, and went to the north and south where the motherland needs.

Guided by the socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics in the new era and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on education, the college unswervingly adheres to the direction of socialist education, takes the " four services " as its purpose, and keeps in mind the virtues, education, and education. A fundamental task is to bravely climb scientific peaks, persist in independent innovation, accelerate the construction of a first-class discipline group of " ship and ocean engineering and science " , and contribute to the power of world-class universities and disciplines in the implementation of the national maritime power and transportation power strategy. Efforts to promote the four strategies of giving priority to education, strengthening the college with talents, cross integration, and cultural leadership, and strive to build a world-class world-class with distinctive discipline characteristics, strong academic atmosphere, high-level talent gathering, outstanding education achievements, orderly governance, and open and inclusive cooperation College.

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Contact person: 建筑工程与力学学院
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