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Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School

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Contact person: Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School
Service category: Education


Celebrate the successful convening of the 20th Youth Congress of the East Campus of Southwest Weiyu Middle School

On November 13th, in the golden and brilliant autumn, the 20th Young Pioneers Congress was held on the East Campus of Southwest Weiyu Middle School. Everyone gathered together to participate in this grand gathering of young pioneers. Here, the work of the previous session will be summarized and the new team members will be selected. The teachers attending this conference are: the director of the East Campus, the group leaders of each grade, the former members of the brigade, the candidates for the brigade members, and the representatives of the young congress.

First, in the national flag song played by the drum horn team, everyone saluted the team flag and sang the song of the Chinese Youth Pioneer Team. The members of the previous brigade wore red scarves for the teachers attending this young congress. Next, Mr. Fan Hao, the director of the East Campus, gave a congratulatory speech for the conference and wished the conference a smooth progress.

In the big family of the Young Pioneers, we grow and progress. The young pioneers shared his experience on behalf of Wang Haihao from Class 1 of the second grade. As a member of the 19th brigade, he said that in the year of working in the brigade department, I learned a lot and grew a lot. Work hard together in the warm group of the brigade, overcome difficulties, make friendships, and gain growth. Although 2020 has been affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, the work of the brigade department will be slightly affected, but this does not prevent every member of the brigade department from growing in adversity. Not only the students working in the brigade department, but all the Young Pioneers have gratitude and feelings for the Young Pioneers. As the vice chairman of the previous brigade, Wang Jingru immediately summarized the various tasks of the members of the previous brigade. She first introduced the division of labor of the members of the 19th brigade. She mentioned the nineteenth in her speech. The members of the brigade have been working in the brigade department for nearly a year. This year's time is undoubtedly precious to everyone, especially due to the impact of the epidemic, the working hours have become shorter. Every member of the brigade hopes to complete the work better, continuously reform and innovate, and improve work efficiency and quality. Her speech drew a successful conclusion to the work of the members of the 19th Brigade and also raised hope for the members of the new Brigade.

Then all the candidates of the brigade committee brought a wonderful poem recitation of "Campus Life" for everyone. We were moved by the mellow tone and full of emotional reading. Their affectionate performance won applause from the audience. Then came the exciting campaign. The video presentations of the candidates are different. Some are good at playing the piano, some like to play badminton, some are keen to help others, volunteers for various activities, and the classmates cheer. Both the video and the live speech have their own merits but are very exciting. Sufficient preparations were completed in a short period of time, pushing the atmosphere of the conference to a climax. At the end of the exhibition, He Yutong, a member of the second and first class of the previous organization department, introduced the election method. In the end, the young pioneers in the audience called by the director of the Political and Education Office of the Eastern School, Zhu Xiaobei. The 20th Young People's Congress ended successfully with the loud calls of everyone.

The work of the brigade department is about to turn a new page, and another group of fresh blood will join the group of the brigade department, hoping that they will be responsible, practical and vigorous. I believe that they can use their own power to illuminate the people around them, while helping others, improve themselves, constantly spur themselves, and constantly pursue perfection, embellish their own unique strokes for Southwest Weiyu Middle School.

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Contact person: Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School
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