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Imperial Ancestral Temple 太庙

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Contact person: Imperial Ancestral Temple 太庙
Service category: Entertainment


Imperial Ancestral Temple Museum of Art is located on the eastern side of Tiananmen working people culture palace, the beginning was built in AD Yi Si Er 〇, originally as the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor worship places of ancestors, but also to show the highest place Chinese Ancient Ceremonial civilization, building magnificent, With a profound cultural background, it later became an important place for the capital's employees to carry out cultural activities and has an important position in the cultural history of New China. Imperial Ancestral Temple Art Gallery in two thousand and fifteen formally opened years , relying on the Imperial Ancestral Temple Xiangdian has ancient China's tallest building and the high level of cultural and artistic value, rest room, six ancestral hall temple and side halls and other space-based Ming Dynasty architecture, ancient fully maintain foundation construction style and historic preservation, an increase of professional exhibition facilities, taking into account the Chinese culture auditorium, cultural workers and other service functions, total exhibition area of six thousand more than square meters, the exhibition hall facilities, lighting, security technology defense systems adopt international Advanced technology has reached the domestic leading level after testing.Imperial Ancestral Temple Museum of Art will serve the strategic positioning of the city center of the capital's cultural and international exchange center of the building to "carry the fine traditional culture, carry forward the national characteristics of the brand," as the goal, "the capital of workers show style, to promote cultural exchange between" as has any, In line with the principle of "exquisite thinking, exquisite art, excellent production, and distinctive characteristics", it fits the cultural temperament of Taimiao and the atmosphere of historical buildings, combines classical style and contemporary aesthetics, and gradually forms an exhibition display system composed of permanent exhibitions and series of temporary exhibitions. .Taimiao Art Museum is jointly managed and operated by the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, the Beijing Working People’s Cultural Palace and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Through the establishment of industry-leading professional committees, in accordance with the positioning of socialization, specialization and public welfare, the operation mechanism of the art museum is continuously improved. And organizational structure, continuously improve service quality, plan and implement cultural and artistic projects by holding art exhibitions, cultural relics exhibitions, cultural lectures and public education activities, and always insist on promoting the development of Chinese culture and art, exert social functions, assume social responsibilities, and drive related Industry development. Taimiao Art Museum will also better play the role of the capital's employees' cultural activities by undertaking cultural and art exhibitions of outstanding employees.Since its operation, Taimiao Art Museum has successfully held "Knowing the Ancient and Reflecting the Present -Zizhi Tongjian", "Model Worker Style" , "Temperature of History: Central Academy of Fine Arts and Chinese Figurative Oil Painting Exhibition", and "Grassland Long Tune -Sino-Mongolian Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, "The Source of Chinese Wisdom—Four Books and Five Classics", "The True Colors of Ink and Wash—Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting", "Echoes of Civilization-The First Passing Through Dunhuang", "The Eight Unique Skills of Yanjing -Exhibition of Skilled Craftsmen", "A Thousand Miles of Art" line - central Academy of Fine Arts graduates excellent works Exhibition "," Road to Road - Lao Tzu and Tao Te Ching " , " " Chinese dream , labor, the United States and " grass-roots workers show style "," international College Alliance printmaking invitation Exhibition "," University Intangible Cultural heritage - central Academy of Fine young man advanced training non-genetic order of art exhibition ", " temple arts like - the Imperial Ancestral temple Museum of art collection of modern painting and calligraphy exhibition Jing goods " and other large-scale exhibition . Held "Imperial Ancestral Temple Chinese culture forum" Si Shi Yu period, all kinds of exhibitions and cultural events Radiation Capital workers and the public and art lovers, cultural workers and other millions of people.Imperial Ancestral Temple Museum of Art is increasingly becoming high-profile art galleries, it has to show to the world a thick heavy sense of history a new look and cutting-edge contemporary, the capital of workers to build a platform for a high-end arts and culture up close, the achievements of the union culture Mai To a new level.

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Contact person: Imperial Ancestral Temple 太庙
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