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Anhui Feixi Nongxing Middle School 安徽省肥西农兴中学

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Contact person: Anhui Feixi Nongxing Middle School 安徽省肥西农兴中学
Service category: Education


Nongxing Middle School was founded in 1956 and covers an area of 200 acres. There are 49 teaching classes, more than 2,900 students and 203 faculty members . The beautiful natural landscape, the rich cultural connotation, and the enterprising campus spirit have fulfilled the dream of thousands of students in Nongxing Middle School.

In recent years, the improvement rate of Nongxing Middle School's college entrance examination undergraduate achievement has been ranked first in the county. The comprehensive evaluation of college entrance examination quality has won the second prize of Hefei for five consecutive years and the first prize of Feixi County for many times. The school has been awarded as "Anhui Province Model High School", "Anhui Province Modern Educational Technology Experimental School", "Anhui Province Primary and Secondary School Digital Campus Excellent School", "Anhui Province Green School", "Hefei City Civilized Unit", "Hefei City Safe "Campus", "Hefei City Advanced Unit for New Curriculum Reform", "Hefei City Teaching and Research Base", "Hefei City Language Standardization Demonstration School", "Hefei City Advanced Unit" and other honorary titles.

With profound cultural heritage, Jiajing Nongxing Middle School is located at the northern foot of Zipeng Mountain, a national 4A tourist scenic spot. The school site is the manor of Zhou Shengbo and Zhou Shengchuan, the former Huai army generals of the Qing Dynasty. The garden is towering with ancient trees and surrounded by clear water. The city is full of hustle and bustle, just listening to the sounds of birds and books. It is a paradise for students of Guangxi University to study and study carefully!

The school has superior conditions and advanced teaching equipment . The teaching area, sports area, and living area on the campus are reasonably arranged and have complete functions. The school has three student apartments with a total area of 8,240 square meters and 2,200 beds. Classes are equipped with multimedia teaching equipment, the application of information technology in classroom teaching has achieved fruitful results, and the level of campus digital application is among the advanced in Anhui Province.

The management is meticulous and thoughtful, and the safety guarantee is strong. The school implements closed management based on the natural barrier of Guxugou. The Zipengshan police station patrols every day in the community. There are leaders and security guards on duty to patrol the school 24 hours a day. Quiet school is on duty, supervises students to have lunch breaks, morning and evening check-ups to keep abreast of students’ situation, evening self-study tutors are in class, school leaders check attendance, night class teachers and on-duty leaders inspect the dormitory, students are at ease and parents are at ease.

Adhere to the teaching center and comprehensively improve the quality. Schools focus on improving teaching quality, actively carry out classroom teaching reforms, cultivate students' independent, cooperative, and inquiry-based learning habits, adhere to the road of efficient classrooms and efficient learning; strengthen time utilization and management, each "Weekly training" is conducted on weekends, and students on weekends start independent learning in advance according to the "guided study plan", with remarkable results. Implement full-process monitoring of teaching quality, combine school-stage exams with monthly exams (joint exams, model exams, etc.), credit management and comprehensive quality evaluation are matched, "evaluation" and "evaluation of teaching" promote each other, school education and family The education is organically combined, and successfully embarked on a road of running a school with distinctive characteristics of "low entry and high exit, high entry and excellent exit".

Build a team of famous teachers and guarantee the first-class quality. Nongxing Middle School has a team of teachers who love their jobs, are willing to make dedication, have high quality, and dare to compete for the first time. The school has 55 teachers with senior professional titles and 82 first-level teachers . The age structure of the teacher team is reasonable, the subject structure is complete, and the team is stable. A large number of well-known teachers at the national, provincial, municipal and county levels have emerged. Teachers enjoy teaching and students enjoy learning, mutual respect and harmonious relationship; the teaching style is strong, the style of study is strong, the style is clean and the quality is first-class.

Promote the development of personality and enrich the cultural life Nongxing Middle School attaches importance to the development of students' personality and comprehensively improves the comprehensive quality of students. The cultivation of special skills in music and physical beauty, the distinctive personality of club activities, and the strong campus culture atmosphere build a platform for students to show their youthful charm and comprehensive and healthy development.

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Contact person: Anhui Feixi Nongxing Middle School 安徽省肥西农兴中学
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