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Shanxi People's Hospital 山西省人民医院

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Contact person: Shanxi People's Hospital 山西省人民医院
Service category: Healthcare


Shanxi Provincial People’s Hospital (The Affiliated People’s Hospital of Shanxi Medical University) was established in 1953 and opened in 1955. It is a medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, rehabilitation, health care, and first aid integrated directly under the Shanxi Provincial Health Commission. The comprehensive tertiary first-class hospital in Shanxi Province is one of the largest medical institutions in Shanxi Province. It is responsible for various medical treatment, including emergency and critical illness, emergency public health emergency and major task rescue, and cadre health care. The scope covers all parts of the province and surrounding provinces.

The hospital has three areas: North, South, and West, with a total area of ​​451.2 mu. The north and south hospitals are located on the north and south sides of Shuangtasi Street, covering an area of ​​124.2 acres. There are six medical wards with a total construction area of ​​208,300 square meters. The West Hospital is located on the west bank of the Fen River and the western foothills. It has a planned area of ​​327 acres. It is currently under construction. The hospital has gradually formed a two-wing strategic development pattern of medical clinics in the north, scientific research and teaching in the south, and medical care in the west.

Now it has 2000 beds and 2405 employees, including 465 senior titles, 2198 medical professional technicians, 17 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 11 famous doctors in Shanxi, 72 provincial academic and technical leaders, and tens of millions of health professionals , Shanxi Medical University has 8 doctoral supervisors, 117 master supervisors, 42 master supervisors of the University of Chinese Medicine, and nearly 710 masters, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers. The annual total number of visits is 1.28 million, the annual number of discharged patients is 58,000, and the annual number of operations is 26,000. It has 18,500 medical equipment (pieces) such as 3.0T magnetic resonance and the world's largest parallel automatic assembly line, with a total value of 834 million yuan. The level of equipment configuration, quantity and diagnostic application value have reached the domestic advanced level.

The hospital has 71 clinical and medical technical departments; it has more than 20 teaching stations, including post-doctoral scientific research workstations, Shanxi Provincial Precision Medicine Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Shanxi Provincial Institute of Clinical Medicine, Shanxi Provincial Oral Disease Prevention and Treatment Center, Shanxi Provincial Institute of Nephrology, etc. And scientific research institutions; one of the national intractable diseases diagnosis and treatment capacity improvement project: neurosurgery; the provincial "136" medical project leading clinical specialties: nephrology, neurosurgery; two national key clinical specialties: nursing, traditional Chinese medicine Department (Geriatrics); 5 provincial key clinical specialties: General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Stomatology; 9 provincial key and construction disciplines: Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Stomatology, Neurosurgery , Nursing, Neurology, Nephrology, Clinical Laboratory, Endocrinology; In addition, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Stomatology were rated as key professional disciplines of Shanxi Province as early as the 1980s, and Vascular Surgery and Breast Surgery were rated as characteristic majors Subject. The level of diagnosis and treatment in these disciplines has reached the national advanced level and is in the leading position in the province.

As a teaching hospital, a complete medical school education system has been formed from undergraduate to master and doctoral education. In the past three years, the hospital has trained 1,689 undergraduates and 156 masters and doctoral students. The hospital undertakes a large number of teaching tasks for Shanxi Medical University, Changzhi Medical College and other colleges every year. There are 709 undergraduates and graduate students in the hospital at the same time. At the same time, our hospital is the first batch of national residential training and specialized training base hospitals, with a total of 27 residential training bases and 3 specialized training bases. There are more than 300 trainees each year, and the passing rate of the completion assessment has reached the national excellent level. In addition, it also undertakes a large number of national and provincial continuing medical education tasks, and trains nearly 10,000 doctors of all levels and types each year.

The scientific research level of the hospital has been in the leading position in the province for many years. In the past five years, more than 2,000 papers have been published, and more than 100 papers have been included in SCI ("Science Citation Index"), some of which have been published in New Engl J Med , Lancet, Blood, Am J Hum Genet and other top international journals. Nearly 210 national and provincial projects have been approved, and nearly 14 million yuan has been approved. Since 2012, he has won 17 national and provincial scientific and technological achievements awards.

The hospital has a long history and cultural heritage. The provincial doctors adhere to the hospital spirit of "benevolence, benevolence, dedication, and refinement", and focus on the development goal of "the hospital has a brand, a famous teacher in the discipline, a specialty with characteristics, and a personal expertise". Through the hard work of all employees, we strive to build the Provincial Medical Center into an innovative and modern general hospital with "complete functions, excellent services, government trust, peace of mind, and employee satisfaction".

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Contact person: Shanxi People's Hospital 山西省人民医院
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