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Chanzhou Yoga Fitness Center

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Contact person: Chanzhou Yoga Fitness Center
Service category: Sports & Fitness


Cicada Yoga "Cicada Yoga" was established in 2001 and is a professional yoga studio in China.
It is also an organization that cooperates with Indian professional yoga institutions to run schools and conduct yoga teaching and training.
Chan Zhou established a Zen yoga system with Chinese characteristics, which inherits the ancient Indian King Yoga (Sheng Wang Yoga) and is currently one of the yoga systems in the world.
"Cicada culture" is the result of the long accumulation of traditional Chinese culture.

In all dynasties of China, it has been impregnated with a noble and detached noble character, which is a symbol of the hermit master.

Cicadas-larvae, have to endure dark environments and harsh humid climates, and experience long gestation in the soil for at least 4-5 years.

Finally, the golden cicada broke out of its shell and jumped up with its wings, making a blockbuster. This symbolizes that the domestic yoga industry has not yet started at the beginning of Cicada’s establishment.

Before getting any experience to learn from, and having to face various difficulties and pressures, Cicada regarded herself as a "Cicada" in his childhood. In order to realize his ultimate ideal,

To persist, endure, explore, develop, and create a persevering will and a positive and optimistic spirit.

Cicada—According to archaeology, as a deity worshiped by people in ancient times, cicadas are full of spirituality...

Cicada-means "continuous number one" (such as reelection), and it symbolizes the self-confidence of Cicada people.

Cicada-the sound is the same as "Zen". Yoga is the ultimate pursuit of "meditation" in the state of tranquility and far-reaching, and the unity of man and the universe.

This shows that Cicada has a deep understanding of the 5,000-year-old Indian yoga culture, and that Cicada clearly popularized and disseminated authentic yoga cultural concepts at the beginning of its establishment.

Boat-in the vast sea and rough waves, it can carry people to the longing destination.

This shows that in the pursuit of yoga, people will experience many twists and turns, and even lose their direction.

And Chanzhou is willing to take up this responsibility and be willing to be a small boat to help people reach the shore of health, happiness and happiness.

What is yoga?

Yoga originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Sanskrit Yoga (YOGA) originally means "harmony", "correspondence", and "unity".

Through as many as 84,000 different posture movements, he fully exercises the central column of the human body-the spine, stretches the muscles, and sculpts the body shape;

Massage the internal organs, regulate endocrine, and improve the detoxification function of the lymphatic system through the unique breathing method;

Use voice meditation and rest techniques to relax nerves, relieve stress, and improve sleep... "The unity of mind and body" is the highest state of yoga.

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Contact person: Chanzhou Yoga Fitness Center
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All the services you need on one platform
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